Re: Photo: UP "See Though" Boxcar 195220

Enzo Fortuna

hO bOB
This is the "IMPACT" car :
Originally built in the mid-1940s for Union Pacific, this 40’ box car was later converted in 1952 into an impact instruction car at the Omaha shops. Serving to illustrate the importance of safe car handling, this car had a transparent sidewall to show cargo movement, along with force and speed gauges displayed on the side

Southern Pacific® coverted this 50’ box car with plexi-glass on one side and standard solid steel on the other. It became known as the ‘Impact’ car used for freight protection instruction - switchmen and trainmen oberved the effect of coupling whne speeds exceed the safe limit of 4 miles per hour or more. To demonstrate the impact, loose skids, cartons, or barrels would be placed inside the car and a ‘handling thermometer’ measures the damage, an impact speed indicator (speedometer) measures the coupling speed.

MicroTrains have done" an N scalemodel... I miss !
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