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Nelson Moyer

It may be apocryphal, but I was told that early CB&Q paint shop instructions for mixing mineral red (the Q called it Indian Red) was by the number of handfuls of the red pigment they mined in Wyoming per volume of base paint being mixed. Not precise by any means. At lease the pigment color was relatively consistent, having been mined at one location. The geological name of the crushed rock used escapes me.


Nelson Moyer


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Roger Huber wrote:

Unless you're building a model for a builder's photo any combination and variation on a similar of close color ought to be good for our models. Paint, especially back then, had wider color range than what we have today. 


       Good point, Roger. I recall the retired PFE Chief Mechanical Officer telling me about the PFE representatives at manufacturing plants, who had to decide, on the basis of color drift panels in their possession, if a paint being applied by a builder was "close enough" to the color drift. They had to use their judgement because there were always variations from any paint company.


Tony Thompson



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