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lars svanevik


You can find his catalog at k4 pacific when you google it.


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Where do you find his catalogue?

Roger Huber
Deer Creek Locomotive Works

On Saturday, May 30, 2020, 04:26:37 PM CDT, Craig Wilson <agecompanyphotog@...> wrote:

I've bought a few sets to check them out for accuracy of sizes and styles.  Mixed report there although I noticed on his latest list that he had revised one set (for Ann Arbor RR cabooses) which I had critiqued as having the incorrect size compass heralds

The greatest advantage to these sets is that they can be obtained in a variety of sizes (scales) providing heralds, etc. for specific applications not available elsewhere.  The photo attached is a case in point.  I needed a very small DT&I  compass herald with the "Connections" slogan for use on the HO scale flatcars in the photo.  The K4 set for DT&I gondolas with coil hoods has two different sizes of the heralds (one for the sides of the gondola, another for the hoods themselves).  The HO decals are both too large to use on the flatcars but by purchasing the N-SCALE set I got the smaller compass heralds needed for the project.

His catalogue is worth perusing for that if nothing else.  Judge for yourself whether the decals are/are not too opaque when you look at the photo.  I thinks they look ok on these models.  They are quite thin and delicate and care must be used when applying them.

Craig Wilson

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