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Steve and Barb Hile

I suspect that I have done this exercise a time or two before.  There is much more detail in the UTLX book.  Personally, I am drawn to model 1952, so it is good to have both the UTLX record and the 1955 Tank Car Tariff to make comparisons.


In round numbers in 1952, UTLX rostered about 41,000 tank cars.  The listings below account for about 38,000 of those and don’t include very small, very large or multi-compartment cars.


10,000 gallon Class X-3                   10,561

8000 gallon Class X-3                       1923

6500 gallon Class X-3                       3838

10,000 gallon Class X                          972

8000 gallon Class X                           3156

6,500 gallon Class X                            605

10,000 gallon Class X-4                     493

11,000 gallon Class X-5-300           5302

11,000 gallon Class X-5-400             391                       Total UTLX design cars   27,241 cars

10,000 gallon Class Z                        3431

8000 gallon Class Z                           6761

11,000 gallon Class Z-5-300             382                       Total non-UTLX design cars          10,574 cars          Total      37,815 cars


The only HO models of the UTLX design cars were/are the resin kits from Sunshine Models and, more recently, from Resin Car Works.


UTLX purchased, new, at least 1000 of the 8000 gallon GATC designed cars (the Tangent car) and certainly acquired others of these through second hand purchases in the 1930’s.  They also purchased, new, some from Standard Tank Car Company, both 8000 and 10,000 gallon cars.  (Southern Car and Foundry underframe, but need horizontally riveted tanks.)


Second hand 8000 and 10,000 gallon ACF tank cars (the P2k models) were also added to the fleet during the 1930’s


Mostly in the rush to expand the roster of high pressure tank cars following WWII, UTLX also purchased ACF designed Z-5-300’s, like the Kadee car.


Steve Hile



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From all of Elden's research here in the archives, wouldn't GATX be more common than UTLX on these General American cars? I have more UTLX than I should, thanks to the P2K offerings, and not enough GATX which was the largest fleet circa my 1953. I have GATX decals coming from Black Cat.
Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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