Vallejo Paints for Steam Era Freight Cars

Bruce Griffin


A while back I posted some photos of my Vallejo paint samples. I have continued to add more colors to my palette. My goal is to be able to use these paints on my B&O freight cars and of course on all of my other models.  In my last blog post I mentioned using them as part of total system that I am committing to for future projects. Last week I was successful at matching the paint (40% German Red Brown and 60% Basic Brown) on a stock Atlas P&WV boxcar (photo attached, it has been weathered) after I changed the roof walk (Kadee and I see one end needs a touch more canopy glue) and brake wheel to more closely match the prototype. After I receive the Speedwitch mini-kit I will update it more. 

I know some of you are using them and most are not. Fair enough. I would like to develop this project a little further. If anyone is interested in working on it please contact me directly. My hope is to collect formulas or 2”x2” paint samples of other brands and favorite model paint colors and match them with Vallejo colors. That way I can share photos of the formulas versus traditional railroad model paints online and you can decide for yourself if they are close to your favorite color. 

If I am going to do it, I should share it with everyone, as I appreciate all the sharing that this group does regularly. I owe something back.

Who knows the future after recent events, but I was betting on Vallejo for long term access to model paints as they are international and have deep reach into multiple hobby markets including military modelers and gamers. My endorsement may mean they will go under soon (jk).

Thank you for your consideration  

Best Regards,
Bruce D. Griffin
Ashland, MD


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