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Nelson Moyer

Intermountain isn't the only miscreant. I had the same problem with a purple RI E6 from BLI. Not even close to RI maroon. Then there are the six shades of CB&Q gray from Walthers (three different shades on GP-7s and SD-7s), BLI (two different shades on NW-2 and SW-9), and Bowser (actually the closest to the Q color card). I ended up masking and repainting the grays. I haven’t repainted the purple on the E6, but it's begging me to do so.

Nelson Moyer

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After receiving a purple Chateau Martin wine car, instead of the magenta they actually used, I want to lay eyes on anything coming from Intermountain. I will not pre-order anything except undecorated kits.


Brian Ehni

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Yes, clearly there were variations over time and place. My original question was in part a reaction to the recent release by Intermountain of Bx-37’s in N scale. Nicely done models, but...
Well, see pics below. Both are IM cars. If I’m the company rep asked to use my judgment, what do I do?
Regards, Otto

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