Re: Tangent GATC 8,000 Gallon 1917-Design Radial Course Tank Car

Tim O'Connor


I don't know about any lamentations... but it's pretty much an exact match to the Red Caboose model
if you replace the running boards with open-grid steel. Plano makes an etched metal set for the model.

The US Army (DOD) and UTLX were the largest buyers for the cars represented by the model. Perhaps
people lament inaccurate paint schemes, but then they'd be lamenting most of what is out there in hobbyland.

I think Red Caboose offered both Army and UTLX paint schemes. I know I sent pictures to Bill.

On 5/31/2020 5:54 AM, Garth Groff and Sally Sanford wrote:

Nice list, but you forgot that UTLX bought 500 welded ACF 10K cars in 1951, their series 39000-39499. Richard Hendrickson
identified the often-lamented Red Caboose model as a suitable representation of these cars.

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Tim O'Connor
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