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many thanks for that link. I can't get enough of photo and film material of the good old steam days.
NKP made excellent and very profitable use of its steam engines. For a rr mostly in flat land Mikados and Berkshires are just ideal engines to really RUN freight across the system. So no wonder they stick long with them. Another and even better example of perfect steam engine service was N&W.
Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953
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Video: Steam Was Great On The Nickel Plate

Courtesy of the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, here is a ten minute video from 1958:

This is only a fair quality video consisting mainly of run buy sequences.

There is a lot of reefer action with both produce reefers (mostly PFE & SFRD) and meat reefers (mainly Oscar Meyer, Armour, Hormel & Swift)  in abundance.

At 5:43 is a fuzzy image of a "butter dish" design car, possibly a milk or chemical car.

Otherwise, their are a lot of boxcars whizzing by.

I'm unaware of how much the Nickel Plate relied on steam power at that point in time when so many railroads had completely dieselized, but it would have been odd for that railroad to have needed marginal members of its locomotive fleet in 1958, a year of a very deep recession.

Bob Chaparro


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