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Nelson Moyer

It depends on the car class and date it was painted. New boxcars heralds generally had white lettering and outline on black background until 1940-41, when the black background was eliminated.  Repaints generally didn’t have the black background. Reefers with three-color heralds always had a black background. Gondolas and hoppers generally followed boxcar practice, but some classed had body color background when built. Those trends apply through the mid-1050s, and I don’t model anything past 1953, so I can’t speak about it after that date. I have a builder’s photo of 26626 with a black herald background, but all of my photos of reweighed cars show car color backgrounds. Another variation is the white outline, which may be dashed or solid. Apparently some painters didn’t take the time to fill in the stencil lines. Your best bet is to model from a photo. It is generally possible to tell when the background is black by comparing the grayscale intensity with the body color. If the background is darker than the body color, assume black background.


Nelson Moyer


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Some photos of the CB&Q XM-30 boxcar have a placard on the door with Burlington Route.  Does this have a black background or car color background?  Thanks


Chuck Cover

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