Re: Swift meat cars

Richard Hendrickson

Clark Propst wrote:

Classic Freight Cars Vol. 3 is on 40 ft. reefers. There are several great
shots of Swift reefers at the Sioux City Iowa plant taken in 54. Most cars are
red, but there still are yellow cars around. Most cars appear to be wood
than steel. I see no composite cars. Also GATX must have had a big presence in
the packing industry. You will need GATX tank cars too, plus and assortment of
regular box cars for incoming supplies, and older cars for tankage and hides.
General American operated the Swift reefer fleet and sometimes supplemented
it with GARX cars. Siwft also had tank cars for rendered fat which GATC
operated under SWTX reporting marks.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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