National Type B/B1 Trucks was Re: SLRX 4216


Thank you, Brian,

It's wonderful to have that aha moment. Now I have better understanding of these trucks. Spent the night last night going over prototype photos of cars with National trucks.
I will be making changes to a fair # of cars using the P2K Type B's with a little carving and the addition of some TMW brake shoes. Frees up Athearn B1's to use somewhere else.
And now I will have a better eye when looking at photos.

Looking back in the archives, there are posts on the B/B1 trucks but I missed the full import of what was posted back then.

Dan Smith

On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 05:23 PM, brianleppert@... wrote:
Attached is a National Malleable and Steel Castings Co. ad from the Aug. 30, 1941 Railway Age, showing both their B and B-1 trucks.  A noticeable difference between the two are the bolster ends.  Also the springs on the earlier  B truck were larger diameter than usual and as the capacity increased so did their diameters, but the wheelbase stayed the same.

P2K/Walthers offers the B truck, while Athearn and Kadee sell the B-1 truck.

This afternoon I tried downloading this scan into both Files and Photos, but neither would accept new additions.  If interest in seeing it, just contact me off-list at brianleppert at att dot net.

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