Erie Boxcar Paint?

Bob Chapman

I'm working on an upgrade of IMWX's 1937 boxcar kit, which I'll be painting for Erie. While there seems to be pretty good consensus on the red color as something close to ATSF Mineral Brown, the comments re which parts of the car are painted with black coating seem to be all over the map:

Speedwitch decal data sheet: for 1937 AAR cars, 1936 series as delivered -- red sides, ends, roof, and trucks. !940 series as delivered -- black roof, ends, trucks. "Some repaints appear to have used black ends and roof."

RMJ 11/89: 1944 AAR car builder photo -- sides and roof mineral brown, ends black. 

MRing 4/89 (Richard Hendrickson): 1947 AC&F 10'4" car undated in service photo -- ends and roof painted black.

RMJ 7/91 (Ed Hawkins): 1937 AAR car 1940 series builder photo -- ends, roof, trucks black.    

I'd welcome any comments from Erie fans/experts re most likely configuration for black in the early-50s.

Bob Chapman

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