Re: Frisco Stock Cars


Even if there was a 40 year limit (and if they were enforcing it in the midst of WW II)
1943 - 1913 = 30 years.

Alex Schneider

Here is some info that I received from Vince Griesemer in regard to your
question. Hope this helps!

Chris Abernathy
Columbia, MO
(Modeling the Frisco's River Division in HO-Scale c. 1943)

The 47200 series stock cars were rebuilt several times between
their original build date in 1913 and the rebuild in 1943. In prior
rebuilds, the drop floors and drop mechanisms were removed. The
1943 rebuild mainly involved rebuilding and reinforcing the underframe
since they had reached their 40 year limit. By 1943, the car's external
appearance was for all practical purposes identical to the Sunshine
model. The decal set in the kit includes a rebuilt date. All you
would have to do is leave it off it the date is after May 1943. If
it is before May, you could model the car as freshly painted and
with a reweigh date corresponding to the rebuilt date.

Vince Griesemer

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