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Rick Leach is doing several different types.
He can be reached at
RL Design
14123 206th Street S.E.
Snohomish, WA 98296-3947

The sets are $10.00 plus $4 for shipping. He has four different
sets available.
#125A B-50-15 wood circa 1946-1955
#125B B-50-15 wood "stenciled" circa 1946-1955
#129 B-50-15 wood circa 1931-1946

#128 B-50-15 rebuilt (steel) circa 1946-1955

He also has new decals for AAR 1937 cars in 1946 scheme and SP and
T&NO stock cars. Rick is promising flat, gond and caboose lettering.

I will post a photo of the B-50-15 lettered with Rick's super

Gene D

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Gene, speaking of Chooch kits, did you say there was someone who
has made decals for the SP B-50-15 kit ? I need to order some...

File : /Chooch GN car kit.jpg
Uploaded by : losgatos48 <endeimling@a...>
Description : O scale Chooch Ultra Scale urethane kit

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@a...>
Sterling, Massachusetts

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