Re: Are these cars being loaded with sawdust?

mel perry

which begs the question, why into
toledo, did GP repurpose the mill?
or what?
mel perry

On Wed, Jun 3, 2020, 9:00 AM Bill Decker <sp.billd@...> wrote:

The "Spruce" in Spruce Goose actually is not Spruce.  It is Canadian pine.  That bird rests within five miles of where I am typing this.....  

Beyond that, the US Army Spruce Division was a World War One phenomena.  Airplanes of that era were built of wood.  WW2 saw a few wood aircraft, most notably the British Mosquito.  Howard Hughes Spruce Goose attempted to tap into the use of wood, as well.

Back to the wood chips coming out of Toledo Oregon in the mid-late 1950s.  A further check with local sources indicates the Georgia-Pacific pulp and paper mill at Toledo opened in 1958, obviously after the earlier referenced photo.  That makes shipping wood chips out of Toledo a brief phenomena of 1957 and part of 1958.  Thereafter, it was long strings of wood chip cars going out to Toledo on the Oregon Coast, passing through the middle of Corvallis (my home town) on their way.  As noted previously, all of this took place after SP steam dropped its fires, although G-P may well have had their steam locomotive still working out at the mill at Toledo.

Bill Deckder
McMinnville, Oregon

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