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My brother owns a sheet metal fabrication company. I gave him the plans that ran in Model Railroader, and he welded one up for me. 

Brian Ehni 
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I built my own probably 30 years ago using 1/8" hardboard for the bottom, sides and back, with triangular cross section molding where the panels joined.  I added a vertical slot at the back for a standard size furnace filter, and made the top from Lexan clear sheet to allow light in.  The inside is painted white, which I protect with clear food wrap.  I used two surplus computer cooling fans with inductive motors (no sparking) at the back to pull the air out and through the filter.  Probably a squirrel cage fan would be more effective.  The waste air was ducted out a window using dryer vent components.  The face opening is probably 28"w by 16" high.

Todd Sullivan

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