Re: Pennsy red with Floquil

Benjamin Frank Hom <b.hom@...>

Ian Wilson asked:
I'm ready to paint a couple of Westerfield GLA hopper cars representing
circa 1954 paint jobs. I'm aware of the suggested color matching formulas
for Scalecoat paint, but I've got a good stock of Floquil colors on hand.
Can anyone tell me how to best approximate PRR freight car red for the era
using Floquil colors?

Great, Ian. You just asked one of the two questions which will start
fistfights among Pennsy guys (the other is "What color is Dark Green
Locomotive Enamel (DGLE)?") For 1954, I'd use Floquil Zinc Chromate Primer
straight out of the bottle for Circle Keystone schemes with a lot of
weathering to tone down the car. For Shadow Keystone schemes, use a 50:50
mix of Zinc Chromate Primer and Boxcar Red with much lighter weathering
because the first SK cars started appearing in 1954. At any rate, I'd
concentrate on getting somewhere in the neighborhood of these two mixtures -
weathering caused variation in how Freight Car Color appeared. For proof,
look at the photo spread of Altoona on page 134-135 of Don Ball's PRR
1940s-1950s. Even accounting for lighting and possible film color shift,
it's a remarkable illustration of the color palette of the Northeastern
hopper fleet. Just don't paint them Tuscan Red.

Ben Hom

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