Re: reefer spotted there has PFE reporting marks

Brent Greer

I am very interested in the SP boxcar with the end doors (I have a thing for end-door boxcars it seems...)  Can someone point me to some detailed info about these cars (for model building purposes)?

Sincere thanks,

Dr. J. Brent Greer

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In the photo notice S.P. Boxcar 61290 is to the left and appears to have an end door.

PFE 9092 is one of 3,021 Class R-30-5 produce reefers built 1909-1911 by Pullman. Seen in the photo are the "Bohn Standard Ventilator" hatch covers.

There is good coverage with photos of this and related cars in the PFE book.

From a modeling standpoint, notice the boot scuff marks along the ladder rungs.

I attribute the lack of visible lettering to the choice of film used for this photo. Perhaps someone can shed more light on this.

The fact that this produce car is at a meat packer's branch house probably is just a coincidence, although meat packers were known to use PFE cars when there was a shortage of their own cars.. Cudahy had its own reefers and generally produce reefers were not compatible with meat service. 

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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