Re: [bbfcl] CNW: A late use for a early SS box car

Tim O'Connor

Ed, you may be right - I don't know. The Dri-Protecto RB (no ice) reefers (series 19800+) were rebuilt from
double sheathed reefers, but there are two number series in 1959 I know nothing about - 19500 to 19539 &
19700 to 19799. See attached image from the 1959 Equipment Register for NWX.

On 6/4/2020 12:06 AM, Ed Pavlovic wrote:
I'm wondering if it was rebuilt if it originally had NWX reporting marks applied to it.  The paint scheme looks more like the ice and mechanical refrigerator cars owned by their Northwestern Refrigerator Lines subsidiary.  I wish the herald was a little more visible which might shed some more clues.

I thought the only boxcars to receive this scheme were the Omaha Road steel side rebuilds that Sunshine did offer kits for.

Ed Pavlovic

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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