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I had the first chance I have had in a long time to talk to Steve Funaro, and while I always take what he says with a grain of salt, things do eventually come to fruition. He is slowed down because his rubber supplier also makes air filters for Abrams tanks and Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicles.

He will introduce his first locomotive this fall, a freight hauling ACL Pacific

He has the reissued ex-Yankee Clipper line C&O autocars. I have built one of these and they are nice. He does a good job with his one piece castings. Bill Dulmaine is not going to do any more kits under YC and Steve will be issuing things that were either never widely available under the YC label or were never finished. He will reissue kits that were widely available too. Among the kits he has done for YC that have not been issued is the SAL B-5. These should be soon.

Steve is doing a Cof G ventilated boxcar and an NC&StL 36 foot steel rebuild, although he was being a little cagey about it.

He also had a one piece New York Central coach which is new, and a LV short lowside gondola with a deep fishbelly underframe that I do not remember ever seeing.

From someone else there seem to be some interesting N&W freight cars brewing but I will let that person reveal his plans when he is ready.

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