In praise of a new NP stock car kit

Bill Welch <bwelch@...>

On the web Freight Car Magazine published by Ted is notice of a NP stock car in resin. I ordered one and received it last week. This is a great illustration, like "Rocket Express" of someone doing something and marketing themselves. Like the two RE cars, this stock caris a very nice kit, in fact it is among the best I have ever seen. There is very little flash and the details on the casting are beautifully rendered. The running board and latitudinals are appropriately thin. It is obvious that a lot of work went into designing how the car would go together. The car is a little longer than most nominal 40 foot cars of the era and is pretty short too, which when combined with being a beautifully rendered model should be a standout in a freight consist.

Only the casting required to build the car are included. The modeler needs to furnish the Champ decals, truck, couplers, brakes, stirup steps, wire, etc, although roof corner grabs are included with corner support soldered in place. A nice surprise/bonus.

Photos of the model and an order form are on the web magazine. I encourage anyone interested in building resin kits to build this one.

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