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Dave Boss

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               I took an article drawing from, I think it was MR back somewhere around 1989/90 of a paint booth design to a local Heating & Air company and had them make one from the drawing. It was made well with a heavy gauge metal. It turned out really well.It wasn't expensive. If interested I will look up the year & date of the Mag. for you.

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I thought about building a spray booth for years. I considered cardboard boxes, luan ply, and the plans featured in MR several editors ago. I never did build one. I splurged for the metal Paasche booth in early 2015 and it has seen regular use since.


Sure it was pricey, but it helped me move several undecorated freight cars to the next step. I think I’ve painted close to 50 freight cars in the last five years. That doesn’t seem like much but it’s better than the two I painted with rattle cans in the previous 20 years.



Eric Hansmann

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Has anyone tried to make one out of a corrugated box?

Maybe a “triple wall” one from an appliance?


A bit of *real* duct tape, maybe some 1x1 corner reinforcement?

You might need something a bit more solid to mount the fan on, but…


Cheap & easy to modify if you don’t get it “just right” on the first try!

(I got a metal one from North Coast, quite a while ago)




Ken Akerboom

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