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You are thinking of Quaker Square in Akron, OH.    It was originally turned into a hotel with railroad theme added.  Lots of steam era railroadiana, milling machinery, shipping records and other goodies.  Displays inside and outside.  An interesting place to stay.


I believe records on display at the hotel showed boxcars inbound at late as 1973.  It was B&O served.  Snack bar was in PRR passenger cars.


However, last I knew it fell upon bad times and was taken over by Akron University.  Last I knew they were using it for student housing..


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There’s a residential reuse of silos – Quaker Oats, somewhere in Ohio.  Slightly funky but I guess it works.


But I’m not talking about a “silo,” but rather the large orthogonal part of the building in your first image below.



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Definitely cast in place - slip forming is the only process that I know of to cast storage bins of that height. Here’s a view that shows the storage bins in context.



There’s a separate image in the collection (search “Gwinn Milling”) of a man unloading a steam-era boxcar that really impresses (on me) the laboriousness of that job.



I’m not aware of any residential reuse of concrete silos - I’ll have to ask the family architect (dad).  The neighborhood’s main concern is kids exploring the site and taking a tumble (or otherwise being injured). 




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“slip form?”  I don’t think so.  Cast-in-place, certainly, but not slip formed.


Certainly rugged enough, is the n’hood not conducive to a residential reuse?




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That facility still stands, though currently unused (AFAIK). Many in the neighborhood see it as a safety issue and eyesore, but I’m not sure how you remove a slip form elevator. 


The photo is wonderful, showing cars in superb condition, with grain doors at the ready (or recently removed). 


Good to see you are making good use of our library’s wonderful image collection, Bob.

Matt Goodman

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Photo: N&W Boxcars At Milling Company

An undated photo from the Columbus Metropolitan Library:

This photo can be enlarged quite a bit.

Bob Chaparro

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