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Nelson Moyer

I’ve cut down cardboard boxes into paint shields (no fan) and painted with rattle cans in the garage with the door open while wearing a respirator to keep overspray from messing up the paint booth. The solvent vapors dissipate quickly is there’s a light breeze, so my wife doesn’t notice I’ve been painting unless I close the garage door too soon. Most rattle can model paints dry quickly. About the only rattle cans I use are Tamiya Fine Light Gray Primer or an occasional can of Krylon flat aluminum.


Nelson Moyer


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Has anyone tried to make one out of a corrugated box?

Maybe a “triple wall” one from an appliance?


A bit of *real* duct tape, maybe some 1x1 corner reinforcement?

You might need something a bit more solid to mount the fan on, but…


Cheap & easy to modify if you don’t get it “just right” on the first try!

(I got a metal one from North Coast, quite a while ago)




Ken Akerboom

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