Re: Paint Booth


I built one from plywood, metal air duct and a Dayton squirrel cage blower (

Details on the build are here on my site:

I moved in 2010 and have since retrofitted it into a permanent steel duct that exits outside the house. Some photos here:

The build was rather straightforward and I took advantage of scrap material I had laying around. I have since installed a valance to assist in keeping the fumes inside the booth. I would also like to upgrade the lighting, but I'm working on a budget. The blower was rather expensive but I wanted something that could move lots of air. A side benefit of this hardy blower is that when I am doing work elsewhere in the layout room or area, say with solvent-based medium, I can use this fan to exhaust the fumes out without much of an issue. It does a great job. 

 - Ben

Ben Sullivan
Brookeville, MD

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