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My paint booth and station. Plenty of storage for paint bottles, airbrushes, cleaning materials, etc. You can also make out my register mounted to the garage door to vent outside. The garage door has two 4” dryer flapper vents on the outside to keep out bugs. My pancake air compressor is also visible.




Brian Ehni



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I have made a temporary one out of a 3cube moving box (18”x18”) and a 20” box fan with a 20” furnace filter. Open the box at both ends, place the filter against the fan so the fan draws air through the filter. Put the filter at the end of the box, secure with tape if necessary. This paint booth worked very well for a spray painting clinic, using acrylic paint.


My home paint booth is home made out of ½” plywood. Has a plexiglas top to allow in light, furnace filter in slot at the back. Simple to build. One notation, do not use the plastic flexible dryer vent hose, esp if using solvent based paints. The corrugations of the plastic will also slow down your air flow and accumulate paint particles. I use 4” metal round duct work you can purchase at any home center. I also use a metal flexible dryer hose. I mounted my exhaust vent to a piece of plywood sized to fit a window opening. At the moment I don’t even vent to the outside, my fan sits on the floor and blows away from the booth. As I paint with acrylics I have no odor issues, simply need to remove paint particles from the air.


Attached is a photo of my current paint station. Laundry sink to the left for clean up. Spray booth with dirty filter, set up for down draft (I can exhaust top or bottom). Silent air compressor on the floor under the table, wood box, then fan assembly (an old Dayton fan).



Doug  Harding




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Has anyone tried to make one out of a corrugated box?

Maybe a “triple wall” one from an appliance?


A bit of *real* duct tape, maybe some 1x1 corner reinforcement?

You might need something a bit more solid to mount the fan on, but…


Cheap & easy to modify if you don’t get it “just right” on the first try!

(I got a metal one from North Coast, quite a while ago)




Ken Akerboom

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