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Bruce Smith


It is not about belief. It is about scientific fact. Period. As I said in the previous thread, you would have to seal the paint booth and volatilize the ENTIRE contents of a 2 oz paint jar to even begin to approach (not achieve) an explosive concentration. Direct volatilization of solvents with an airbrush will also not achieve a flammable or explosive concentration. Even Andy Sperandeo, editor of MR when this urban legend of needing spark proof fans was started, admitted that these were completely unnecessary. I suggest that those who doubt, search, read, and learn.

By way of credentials, I have a significant amount of laboratory experience and routinely use a variety of safety hoods in my professional work.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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The type of motor is only irrelevant if a person believes your assertion that it is impossible to form an explosive mixture.  Some here might not.  So I pointed out that the motors they were likely to choose were brushless, thus eliminating a major, and perhaps only, ignition source in the system.


Edward Sutorik

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