!929-31 Built Canadian National Howe Trussed Composition Boxcar Question

Bill Welch

I am building the Kaslo Shops version of this Single Sheathed CN car that numbered over 9,000 cars and have managed to accumulate a good number of photos plus consulting Ted Cullota's Essential Freight Car #8 and the late Stafford Swain's June 1994 RMJ article and have only two detailing questions.

1.) The Kaslo kit includes separate parts for the diagonal braces on panels one and seven, both the flat and the later replacements with a stiffening rib. Stafford made reference to these on in a photo caption on page 44 of his article and these can be seen in several of the photos I have. Is it known by what date these replacements began to be applied? Many of the photos I have show reweigh dates in the early 1960's and I model October 1955.

2.) In the same photo caption I mention above Stafford also referred to metal reinforcements applied at the very top of panels 3 and 5 applied parallel to the roof. Again I am wondering if a date is know when these parts began to be applied?

Thank you,
Bill Welch

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