Re: Photo: Loading Packard Automobile Crates

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford


Unless those crates contain spare parts, or are part of a "kit", they are far too small for a whole car.

In the early days before Evans racks, autos were sometimes shipped in crates (via freight cars; mandatory content). I wonder if this continued into later times for overseas shipments. Recently I was watching a Smithsonian channel documentary on the Raj in India. One of the sahibs had a very nice Packard auto, pretty much a luxury car for the time. Would this have been crated for shipment? I suspect so.

I owe my life to a 1948 Packard semi-limo my father bought used around 1954. We were rear-ended while stopped by a drunk driver in a Cadillac the police estimated was going well over 60 miles an hour. Our car went airborne, and was thrown all the way across a 4-lane intersection. We all had minor injuries, but my father was able to nurse the car the ten or so miles to our home. The Caddie was winched up onto a flatbed and hauled off to the junkyard. My father immediately bought another used Packard. Those autos were built like the tanks Packard engines powered during the war.

But I digress.

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Photo: Loading Packard Automobile Crates

A 1905 photo from the Wayne State University Libraries:

Click on "Open Image in Viewer".

This image can be enlarged quite a bit but loads slowly.

Description: "1921-22 Packard truck, left side view, unloading Packard crates into boxcars."

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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