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Many (most?) coaling towers also had provisions for storing and dispensing sand.  That function kept some coaling towers in use well beyond their time.


The two that I am most familiar with are the Monon at Lafayette, IN, Shops and the K&IT Youngtown Yard in Louisville, KY.  Both were dispensing sand into the late 1960's.  Both were built from reinforced concrete.


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I think the bunkers continued to be used for some years to supply coal for heating and possibly cooking needs to the MW trains, as stated in my original post. Maybe not. Some C&O maven might be able to add more to this.

This raises an interesting question. How were the bunkers refilled after steam was discontinued? A conveyor of some sort, or were at least some coal towers maintained and kept loaded for the MW trains? Hmmm. And how long did coal stoves last in cabooses. Or did the end of steam and a ready coal supply abruptly bring on conversion of camp cars and cabooses to gas or oil heating?

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were the fuel bunkers converted also?
mel perry

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Attached are four views of former C&O steam locomotive tenders downgraded to MW service, which makes them "sort-of freight" cars. 

From the photos Bill McClure shared a few weeks back, I gather that most C&O outfit trains included at least one tender. Possibly the size of the tender varied with the size of the train. They probably carried coal for heating and/or cooking stoves until this was switched to natural gas, and likely also carried water for showers. I'm not sure if the water was fit to drink; MW tank cars for this purpose on some roads were marked "potable water". I see no such markings here.

All four cars were located together in Gordonsville, Virginia, around 1985-1986. There was quite a bit of old MW equipment held here at that time for eventual scrapping.

Enjoy the photos. Comments are always welcome.

Next time, Burro cranes.

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