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It sure is.


That’s an interesting area.  I don’t know enough about PSC, but have it on my list.  Some of these photos show exactly what one needs to model freight for these industries.


They did such a great job of documenting this rapidly modernizing area, and accompanying RR changes over time.  Much, much better than my timeframe.


Elden Gatwood


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The Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection has been a gold mine of inspiring images. I'm now focused on the B&O Allegheny Yard Branch which followed the river bank from the Willow Grove yard at Herr's Island down to the Pressed Steel Car Company plant just beyond Brunot Island on the Ohio River. The BR&P also had trackage rights to the School Street yard and a nearby freight house.


I can't model it all six miles of the branch but there are portions from Willow Island Yard to the Manchester Bridge that will end up as my layout. The public works documentation from the early Teens into the mid-1930s has been remarkable.


I had planned to do research at the Heinz Regional History Center a couple of weeks ago to explore the images and files that are not on line, but that has been postponed to someday.



Eric Hansmann
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I periodically go in to the Pitt Digital library to see new stuff, or do research, and these showed up in the Pittsburgh City Photographer collection.  Most of it is street work, paving and such, but some have freight cars peripheral to the subject.


That’s very true.  I don’t know why they are uncommon.  It’s not like there weren’t thousands wandering around out there.


Elden Gatwood


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