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Schuyler Larrabee

I don’t think so, as those are real frogs in those switches.  When trolley lines needed a temp switch, they’d often (OK, not ALWAYS) make a trackway that would rise up over the near rails, with the diagonal rails on top of the permanent rails.  Those two guys are doing something though.  I think they might be prepping that crossover to be buried in the pavement.  Notice also that the far track slopes down pretty abruptly just at the right side of the image.




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Is the trolly company installing a crossover?



J. Stephen Sandifer


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The Try Street Terminal is a great pocket team yard in an urban canyon. While located fairly close to the original Grant Street freight house and the PRR passenger terminal, a tunnel separates the rail activity. I've used the Try Street terminal to illustrate what can be done in a limited area for maximum model railroad operation. Here are two elevated images from August 1935 I share for inspiration.


This is one of the best overall images snapped on August 22, 1935. At the right is the Fourth Avenue passenger station, a commuter stop. In the background is the Try Street Terminal warehouse, which was also rail served. Just to the right of the warehouse is the bridge over the Monongahela River. And of course....freight cars!


This image from August 11, 1935 offers a different angle and a slightly better look at the transfer dock and crane. Seen in both images are gondolas on the far track, which served a scrap outfit.


Lastly, here's a reference on a great site of city plat maps. These are 1923 maps as later editions remain under copyright. You can zoom in and out to explore more of Pittsburgh. See how many railroad team yards you can find from that era.




Eric Hansmann
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ACL and L&N at Try Street yard in downtown Pittsburgh.  Love that ACD logo!


Elden Gatwood

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