New boxcars for sale

Ted Schnepf


Some new wood, double sheathed, boxcars have arrived this week.

First is the Northern Pacific, wood sidded boxcars, with radial roofs and lever brake "wheels". they come in 4 paint schemes.

As built 1923, the 1940 version with red ends, the 1945 version with black ends and the 1951 version with "Main Street" slogan. The builder is Rapido and this is the second run of these cars. I do have a handfull of cars from the first run for those needing more numbers.

Also the Rapido USRA double sheathed box cars have arrived. Have GN, MP, PM, Wabash and B&M.

All at discounted prices. contact off list if interested.

Just a reminder about the newest shippers guides being from : Illinois Central, L&N and CNW.

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