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Eric Hansmann

The junk is there as a materials yard. Work has just begun on a new bridge to connect the north shore of the Allegheny River with the Point in Pittsburgh. The bridge would be named the Manchester Bridge and is the dividing point where the Allegheny becomes the Ohio River.


The tracks here are also part of the BR&P southern freight terminal on the B&O Allegheny Yard branch. This is a small, shared yard with the B&O, the School Street Yard. The BR&P has a couple of team tracks back there and shared loco facilities are behind the photographer to the right. Beyond the new bridge construction is the B&O Smokey Island yard which was a larger classification yard. I feel the School Street yard was mainly for arrivals and departures from other B&O yards in the region.


This link takes you to the Historic Pittsburgh map that overlays 1923 Hopkins plat maps on the area. You should land close to the point or in the Allegheny River.


There are different layers to explore featuring earlier maps and later aerial images.



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I always try to ballast my track(yard, industrial trackage, sidings) like the dirt shown in this fascinating photo. It makes my (mediocre-compared to cars on this site!) look much better. The junk everywhere is interesting also-as well as the gondolas. Bill S

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the photo date was not visible (cell)

thanks for the correction

mel perry


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Mel Perry wrote:

"that BR&P [gon] can't still be in active service?"


Why not?  The photo is dated 1912, and you can make out rails through the weeds.



Ben Hom

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