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Bruce Smith


Don't put to much emphasis on early artwork. It will change. Especially since one of the putative single door car numbers is actually in the double door series (oops!). Note that it is not a "rebuild" date, but a reweigh date. Rapido has expressed their philosophy that they like to produce cars with reweigh dates at the beginning of the period of the paint scheme. However:

1) reweigh dates are SIMPLE to change and so I never let that bother me and 
2) Paint schemes often lasted well past the "changeover" date to a new scheme. 

Jerry Britton has a nice web page detailing the changes in PRR paint at:

In 1965, most or all ball (or circle) keystone cars should be gone. Plain Keystone would be the most recent scheme (starting in 1961) but I would expect to see shadow keystone cars (starting in 1954).

Bruce Smith
Auburn, Al

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I too have a similar question as raised by Jim, except for 1965. I “think” it’s some variation of Shadow Keystone, but I was unable to read the rebuild dates on Rapido’s illustrations for the cars.
Jeff Helm
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