Re: Photo: Embalmed Whale Carrier


The South Brooklyn Railway hauled(or attempted to haul) an embalmed whale to the Coney Island Aquarium. See ‘Uptown, Downtown’, by Fischer.

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Mention of the whale from the Portland Oregonian

Richard Wilkens

Oregonian, April 13, 1930


Car With Embalmed Mammal to Leave Portland Monday.

The embalmed whale on exhibition at the North Bank station, Tenth and Hoyt streets, will leave Portland at noon tomorrow to complete a transcontinental tour, it was announced yesterday. Interested crowds have been inspecting the big marine mammal during its stay here. Entire classes of several schools have passed around the glass and steel housing under which the 65-ton creature lies on display and listened to the lecture by Captain Harry S. White.

The 130 pupils of the school for the deaf at Vancouver inspected the whale Friday, and instructors translated the lecture into the sign language for-the deaf.               .

The whale being exhibited is of the baleen or whalebone variety and it is so placed that the function of the whalebone in the mouth is apparent.

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