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Bob and Tony,


I doubt the display portion of hazardous materials placarding regulations have changed all that much over the years.  You could get away with covering a hazardous placard over, but if no covering is available, "when the freight comes off the placard comes off" unless it is a tank car or a car with containers that have residue in them.


As we all know, railroads began lowering placard (tack) boards in the mid-1950's so you didn't need to be at a dock or have a ladder to install the placards.


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Good eye! I think removing the placard without a ladder(or being at a loading dock)would be tough! Placard boards in photos often seem to have kept their paint more than I saw in real life. Bill S

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Seriously, were there any regulations about removing placards that were no longer needed?

    A former railroad clerk I talked to about route cards and placards, when asked if the old ones were removed before adding new ones, replied "Why? Just tack 'em on top." Photos do exist of placards partly ripped off, likely "disabling" them without taking time to cleanly remove them.

Tony Thompson

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