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Schleigh Mike

Hi Jim!

No, I don't have any more specifics about the B&M.  That road is not my first interest but I am a member of the group and have had some focus on their "DS" as that site did the re-weigh work for the first of the B&M "WAG" boxcars that appeared in 1958.  Dave and I communicate frequently.  He is a good B&M source.  Likewise Rick Nowell.

Also, I neglected Ferrona, Penna. as "FR" for the ERIE list.  That site is the closest to my current residence here in Western Pennsylvania.  Ferrona was the ERIE's yard at Sharon, Penna.

I think it wonderful you are doing this list.  We just cannot seem to get enough detail about these addictive freight cars.


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I should have been more question really related to the B&M list as you have parsed the Erie information from the color guide.  Sorry for the confusion. Dave Parker has supplied info on the B&M based upon those he had seen on freight cars.  Thanks!


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