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This has been a favorite topic as I have been adding placards and car routing cards where appropriate as part of my final detailing process.  Even on cars that have neither, I like at add residue:  scraps of former placards or route cards.  I chop up bits of paper with a razor blade until I get a fine confetti.  Add this to a little dab or Elmer's glue and mission accomplished.


I'm sure you are aware that some roads (NKP, C&O, MWR to name 3) mounted their door tack boards off center toward the opening so a man standing in the car could reach the tack board.  I like to install placards on these car doors as if a man standing in the car and reaching around did the work.  That makes the placards crooked and oriented toward the door opening even further.  


Jaeger used to make a nice selection of placards, but last time I looked they had been dropped from their line.


Mont Switzer 

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Mont Switzer wrote:

I doubt the display portion of hazardous materials placarding regulations have changed all that much over the years.  You could get away with covering a hazardous placard over, but if no covering is available, "when the freight comes off the placard comes off" unless it is a tank car or a car with containers that have residue in them.

   I am sure this is true for hazardous placards, but I was thinking of the many OTHER placards that are used, from "unload other side" and "canned goods" or "frozen food," to "caution - auto parts."

Tony Thompson

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