Re: placard holders-tack boards

Tony Thompson

Mont Switzer wrote:

I'm sure you are aware that some roads (NKP, C&O, MWR to name 3) mounted their door tack boards off center toward the opening so a man standing in the car could reach the tack board.  I like to install placards on these car doors as if a man standing in the car and reaching around did the work.  That makes the placards crooked and oriented toward the door opening even further.  

     THis is like my approach to route cards: photos rarely show them squared up on the board, so I almost never apply one squared up.

Jaeger used to make a nice selection of placards, but last time I looked they had been dropped from their line.

   Yes, a very useful set, of which my stash luckily still contains plenty. I usually apply door placards only to one side of the car. On my layout, you only ever see one side of cars, so the one-side placard provides me a restricted-service and a general-service car all in one, just by rotating the car.


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