Re: Hauling Sand before Coverd Hoppers Became Popular

Drew M.

The CNJ regularly hauled sand out of the Vineland, NJ and Millville, NJ areas in 52' gondolas. The sand was just piled in the car - CNJ employees would joke that SJ-2 looked like a rolling sandstorm. The RDG had a series of 2 bay offset side hoppers they assigned to the same area to haul sand on the PRSL.

Drew Marshall, Philly, PA

Modeling the pre-Depression years.

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What kind of car was used? I am referring to bulk sand from a pit that ships out sand and gravel. Perhaps this sand would not be that specialized. Wouldn't it need to be protected from the weather? On a side note, In the early 1970s (long after covered hoppers became popular) I remember a tower operator referring to an ancient gondola in a consist loaded with sand. I did not see it and wondered if it was covered.

Victor A. Baird

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