Re: Rapido PRR X31A Boxcar in HO

Bruce Smith


The X31B/C would need a new mold. Much easier to get X31s out of  the current mold with floor tubes and end fixtures (maybe an etched brass part?). The single door flush roof cars such as N&W would also require a completely new mold.


On Jun 16, 2020, at 2:41 PM, Charlie Vlk <cvlk@...> wrote:

Since Rapido is still in the early design phases they could add the X31b and gain a couple more road names and additional paint schemes.
Perhaps the PRR people can chime in on any more secondhand or subsequent sales of the X31 types…..
(hoping that we will see them in N Scale in the future)
Charlie Vlk
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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Rapido PRR X31A Boxcar in HO

Will Rapido paint them for Northern Pacific as ex-DT&I X31

Different roof... too bad :-(

Tim O'Connor

On 6/12/2020 3:42 PM, Gerald Henriksen wrote:
They have just sent out an email announcing this car, both single and
double door, with tooling almost complete.
They will be doing a Facebook Live today at 6pm EDT to discuss them.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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