Re: 2-56 tap drill (was Re: UMM Tools)

Daniel A. Mitchell

Get real twist drills from a machinist’s supply (McMaster, MSC, Travers, etc.). For 2-56 screws you want a number 50 drill. Quality usually follows price. A 1st quality USA made drill will cost up to ten times what some imports sell for (Harbor Freight, etc.) … though some imports are of good quality. Most machinist’s supplies carry three or four quality/price options. Most all are better than typical “Hobby-Shop drills”.

By the way, the drills are NOT ’”tapered” … I assume you meant a “taper” tap, but these are quite unusual. The usual tap is a “Plug” type. It’s pretty much general purpose. The taper at the end is 4-5 threads long. A true “Taper” tap has a taper 8-10 threads long, and a “Bottoming” tap has a taper of only 2-3 threads. The tap drill for all is the same.  Again, a machinist’s supply will have all, and a lot of odd specialty taps too.

Dan Mitchell

On Jun 16, 2020, at 9:47 PM, steve_wintner via <steve_wintner@...> wrote:

I'm pretty confident McMaster Carr has what you want, for a reasonable price.

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