Re: Hauling Sand before Coverd Hoppers Became Popular

Walter Cox <WaltGCox@...>

I recall that the Consumers Glass company in Ville St, Pierre, Quebec received sand in early CN covered hoppers in the mid 50's, at least as late as 1957 when I moved out of the area. There was a ball field nearby and when we didn't have enough kids for a game of French scrub we used to hang around watching a CN N-4  2-8-0 switch the plant and run errands to the local hamburger joint for the engine crew. I even got to ride in the fireman's seat on a short hop to drop off some cars at a CP interchange and got to blow the whistle at a level crossing on the way. Rule enforcement wasn't what is is today.

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Todd Sullivan wrote:

The silica (the technical name for sand) has been shipped by covered hopper since the mid or late 1960s . . .._,_._,_

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