PRR X31A facts you want to know

Andy Carlson

Steel wool takes a lot of the shine off which makes paint adhesion better. I think years ago I tried painting an unscuffed trim with Accupaint with 30 percent added auto finish supply shop's universal flex additive and that seemed to work well at the time. I have only white and chrome Monokote Trim and never have painted the chrome.

The chrome is used for making stainless steel using the Highliners' Paul Lubliner's technique of stainless steel replication in HO scale. Basically he uses a very thin lacquer wash of purple over chrome. Works on plastic vacumm chrome as well, but totally a failure on fine grounded pigment silver or aluminum paint. Needs to be 100 percent mirror-reflective smooth to work well.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Does it take paint well?

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Or equally useful, the very thin polymer peel & stick product, Monokote Trim. An RC item which I am constantly finding plenty of uses for it. Sticks well and holds rivet impressions. It is available in dozens of different colors, so a patch color choice may eliminate paint touch-up. About 3 x 30 inches and less than $7.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA


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