Re: Photo: Vegetarian Meat Reefer - Cudahy 5177

Tony Thompson

Bob Chaparro wrote:

Photo: Vegetarian Meat Reefer: Cudahy 5177

Well, sort of.

This is a photo of a Cudahy produce reefer, circa 1912 or earlier. At the time Cudahy, like most of the large meat packers, used their refrigerator cars to carry and distribute produce and other non-meat products in their refrigerator cars.

      That practice was almost entirely an Armour activity, though some of the other packers handled non-meat cargo, as this photo shows.

This was before anti-trust regulations and the Supreme Court forced the large meat packers to divest themselves of many non-meat product lines and properties.

      Actually, it was the Federal Trade Commission, not the Supreme Court, that ordered Armour out of the non-meat reefer business, in 1919. By that time, no other meat companies still were operating non-meat reefers.

Tony Thompson

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