Re: Archive for Rail Model Craftsman?

Kenneth Montero


I have that magazine, but I did not see anything in there regarding a C&NW boxcar in the yellow/green scheme. I searched the table of contents, the index, and did a page-by-page search - and found nothing. The Sunshine listing in HO Scale Products News was for a flatcar and lumber loads.

Please re-check the note to see if it could be some other RMC issue.

Ken Montero

On June 20, 2020 at 3:48 PM Jim Hayes <jimhayes97225@...> wrote:

Is there an archie for RMC? I have a Sunshine kit #2.1 for a C&NW boxcar in the yellow/green scheme.
There's a note written inside o see an article in the Sept. 1994 RMC and I'd like to see it.



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