Re: silver SAL box cars


I frequently refer to Paul Faulk's Color Guide to Seaboard Freight and Passenger equipment.  He says the SAL's policy was to paint boxcars according to their equipment and intended use. The silver cars were beer cars with insulated roofs as class XMI and the last series of PS-1's was built in 1952 carrying numbers 25000 to 25499.  Of these 47 had the roof insulation and red lettering and many were assigned to Tampa where there was a large brewery (cover and page 46 of Faulk's book available form SCLHS and other sources.) Caution as there were also gray cars in this builders lot that had Evans loaders for appliance service. The first PS-1's were ordered in 1948 starting with 24000 - 24499 and included gray cars assigned to bleached pulp service.  The next order was in 1951 for series 24500-24999. Sorry I can't bracket it tighter for you now it might be a matter of actually copying a prototype photo. Chris Rooney

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