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I’ll offer a couple of Burro crane photos from the yard in Saginaw, Michigan taken at different times.


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Since we're discussing Burro cranes, I offer five more cranes for you to contemplate. I think these are all the rest that I have, certainly all that I have in digitized format.


Buckingham Branch Railroad no #. This one looks like a Model 30, and was probably derelict when I found it. Photographed at Dillwyn, Virginia.


Buckingham Branch Railroad no #. This is probably a Model 40. Note how the boom folds. Also at Dillwyn, Virginia.


Western Pacific no #. According to diagrams I have, the Western Pacific owned three Model 15s: B64, B65 and B66.. This was found in Stockton, California. Note the very interesting wheeled crane behind the Burro.


Western Pacific no #. I only have a partial shot of this crane at Oakland, but it seems to also be a Model 15. The boxcar was the real object of my interest.


Union Pacific BC-25, at Glenwood Springs (shot through an Amtrak window, sorry). This might be an ex-D&RGW machine.


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