Re: Oxide red

William Hirt

A friend is building the North Conway B&M depot based on a George Drury article in a 1988 Model Railroader. He painted the roof with a 50 year old bottle of Floquil PC Green (the classic square bottle). I've seen the paint job and it looks great.

He is also working on several B&M milk cars kitbashing them from Accurail reefer kits. I am anxious to see them once he is finished.

Bill Hirt

On 6/21/2020 1:40 PM, Daniel A. Mitchell wrote:
Unopened Floquil usually has a very long shelf life (unlike Scalecoat 1). Unfortunately there were three distinct “phases” of Floquil … I’ll call them “classic”, "Rev 1”, and “latest”. Sadly, while each could be thinned with the thinner of the other, doing so assured that the entire mixture would turn to jelly or settle-out in a couple weeks at best. That was fatal .. nothing could reconstitute the paint afterwards. I had similar problems trying to use commercial lacquer-thinners (actually there are many recipes for that). They all worked fine for spraying and cleaning, but caused the remaining paint to go bad soon after. I quickly learned to NEVER thin a stock bottle of paint with any but the manufacturers recommended thinner. Even THAT could get you into trouble with the Floquil if you were not careful about intermixing the "phases”.

Dan Mitchell

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